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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 1, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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tired from all the vacationing. and missed two layups. how do you miss two layups. somebody boasts how great husband game is that's awful. i'll challenge the president anytime for one-on-one for charity. let not your heart be troubled. greta is here next. take it away. >> greta: tonight, politics from the pulpit on easter? a washington pastor slamming the religious right and barack obama sitting right there. >> when you go to an obama church service, all you're going to get is republicans being blasted. >> political attacks are not what anyone would expect to hear in an easter sermon usually, this is what the christians talk about the good news, that holiday is sort of the heart of the good news. >> the president of the united states chose a preacher whose sermon was devoted to claiming that republicans want to force blacks to ride at the back of the bus again. >> what they heard in the sermon was anything, but happy
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for easter. >> a preacher who in his sermon said republicans want to make women go back to the kitchen. >> he is not a politician. he's not a senator or a member of congress or the president. this is a sermon at a church here that's been visited by presidents from both parties for many, many years. >> why did the president sit it and listen to this. why did the president not stand up and excuse himself? this is not the kind of sermon a president of the united states ought to have to listen to, particularly in his honor at least for sunday services. >> what exactly did the pastor say in that sermon? well he said i hear all the time the expression the good old days. the good old days we forget they have been good for some and not for everybody. it drives me crazy when the he captains of the religious
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right call for the blacks to be in the back of the bus, for women to be in the kitchen, to gays to be in the closet and immigrants on their side of the border. nice to see you, ralph. >> good to be with you. >> greta: i'm curious what you think of the pastor's words. >> i'd love to tell you i'm surprised, but i'm really not. if you look at these so-called mainline, i would call them side line denominations, they're really been shrinking in both size and proportion of the faithful in the united states. for the better part of four decades, they used to represent roughly 30% of america's adult population and it's now declined to 15% and the reason why can be summed up in this episode. you take the most sacred holiday on the christian calendar, a day where you're really supposed to be conveying the greatest story ever told about the only man
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who ever lived on this earth without sin, the greatest manr his life, his ministry, his death, his crucifixion and resurrection and that people can find forgiveness for their sins through faith in him. and to take that, greta and turn it into a platform to score cheap political points and to draw such an ugly character caricature. i think it's sad and unfortunate and i think it shows disrespect not only for 40 million americans, but the highest office in the land who was in the congregation. >> greta: and of course, a lot of people may not be familiar with washington d.c. this is a church half had a block to the white house and
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through the lafayette park and there's the church and presidents from both sides of the aisle have been attending this church for an awful long time. this is, i guess, i don't know how to start, but this is a rather well-known church in this house. do you know of this pastor, have you ever heard of him before? >> i've heard of him. he prayed at george w. bush's inaugural. you're right. st. john's episcopal church in washington is hallowed ground in the religious and cultural traditions in our country. this is the place where traditionally a private prayer service a held prior to the inaugural of every president and you know, i can i think the thing that's so offensive about it, it's often those of us who are conservative people of faith who are accused of politicizing the gospel, i would argue unfairly. and here again is an easter sermon that was turned into
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really an attack on other americans and on other christians and the things that were said were so untrue to suggest that conservative people of faith want to go back to jim crow and the days of segregation, when in fact, a racial reconciliation as been one of their priorities to argue that they want women to be second class citizens again when it was evangelicals greta and even evangelical wm katie stanton and susan b. anthony who gave the women the right to vote. this was an ugly and offensive thing to say about people of faith. >> greta: well, there is no indication that president obama knew anything about the sermon. i think that the pastor look the full opportunity knowing because it's the president of the united states there on easter sunday. is that why or is this a rather common sermon for him? >> i think that and of course,
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i can't know pastor leon's heart or mind or intention, but it doesn't seem coincidental to me that this occurred the week of the arguing of the marriage cases before the supreme court. because it's part of this drum beat that we're hearing, greta, throughout our country and especially among the opinion elite. if you support traditional marriage you're a bigot. if you believe in reforming welfare, you're a racist. if you believe in the importance of the family as the most important department of health, education and well fared ever conceived, then you want to put women back in the kitchen. and what it shows is the desperation, greta, of those who can't win based on facts and the argument so they engage in smearing and cat calling and drawing ugly caricatures. last week when congressman don
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young of alaska used a term referring to hispanics that were derrogatory, immediately speaker boehner condemned it, reiss priebus condemned it. but the white house refused on this remarks and i call on the president not through a spokesman, a statement issued over his name to make it clear these things said in his presence, he national correspondent only doesn't agree with them. but finds them deeply offensive. >> greta: that's a question i'm going to ask the viewers, 20 or 30 seconds left. do you think the president having been there and lot knowing what was coming, but because of his position should now make a comment about it? >> well, he's being asked about it and he's going to continue to be asked about it. ed henry with fox news asked jay carney about it.
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the president is going to ask about it. i think it would be well within his responsibilities, listen, i had nothing to do with it, i was worshipping with my family and i don't agree with it and i don't think that most americans agree with it. >> what should the pastor do, let it go or say something? he's not going to back down from his statements, but in terms of the appropriateness making the statement on easter sunday in suchurch? >> i think he should apologize for the inaccuracy of the remarks, the historical and unhistorical charges he's made against evangelicals and other co-religions, and i don't think he should use easter sunday as a platform to make cheap political attacks on other americans. >> greta: nice to see you, sir. >> you bet, greta. good to be with you. >> greta: and as promised to the viewers. what do you think about the issue.
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what should the president have done, just sit there as a guest of the church. walk out or perhaps make a statement at a later time. go to to vote in our poll. and now to the sequester. apparently it isn't foolproof, but you sarcastically guessed that, right? the sequester is supposed to be across the board spending cuts, no questions act. well, they got hacked into, or sort of. and they're dodging the sequester and they have the house, the senate and the president's side. who got a sweet deal and how. "the washington pos "the washington post," david joins us. the cuts are supposed to be across the board. who dodged a bullet? >> the people you might think of, the meat inspectors, people that go to meat plans and watches carcasses go by and make sure nothing is wrong with them. they were scheduled for furloughs and managed to get out of it. how did this group get what everybody else in washington
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wanted? and the story begins with the agriculture department, involves a lot of lobbyists. >> greta: what did they do? they got the money and then found some money? >> there's one group that managed to give money back, think of it as sequester proofing. got extra money and the sequester could take it away and at the end they had to have the money they had before. >> greta: and i don't think that the meat prt 6789 inspeblther? >> it was a campaign buy. when everybody else before the security hit maybe we'll get rid of it. usda secretary was out early and not only, he thought it was going to affect the furloughs, but he could tell you how much money for fur he lows and how much money would be lost. he has a unique perspective there. if he takes him off the job,
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nobody can make meat, can't import it, export it and talked about shutting it down. in the federal government when you remove that piece, the instruments stops. >> it started off the senate bipartisan, senator prior and blunt. >> they started it off and signed off on it. >> how did he get wind of it, by the way. >> if you look at these, when the senate considered this bill, they were a hundred something and all the other great news trying to get their piece of the sequester taken away and people were talking about a border guard and all things failed and only this little thing, what's the story, how did that happen? it's sort of the stars had to align. vilsack was sounding the alarm earlier and then the ag industry, how many senators
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don't have an agricultural or meat packing from in their district? >> i saw the list of organization. national cattleman association, and chicken national turkey absolute. >> and villwocesack you think o them backing up and-- >> what they say will happen and what does happen. >> only vilsack knows for sure. i'll tell you why, the law requires the inspectors are supposed to be there. couldn't he have furloughed couldn't he furlough one part at a time. and they're on the conditioning day, on federal holidays and clearly they can
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work without the clerical staff in washington. and people kept pressing, it has to be 11 daysen the country. and stuck by that story and even people who didn't believe in him, the meat lobby, they're too worried to call his bluff. they didn't want to wait him out and turns out he's telling the truth. even though they didn't believe him at first, he they joined into his cause and helped him get what he wants. >> the vegans are happy, but i had no idea they were so strong. thank you very much. and the sequester speech. this has know the to do with meat inspectors. david talked about the f.a.a. and tell me what is happening with the lawsuit. >> the f.a.a. is shutting down air traffic control towers in 149 airports across the country.
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and three are suing. >> has there been a study to see whether or not they'd live with us, to see the three shut down and anyone spent any time studying to see how busy they are? >> the f.a.a. specifically looked at airports that have less than 54,000 flights a year and those are the ones they're closing. in fact, what they're calling nonpower airports, there are some that run without air traffic control towers. and all pilots are trained how to take off and land at these airports. >> there are three separate lawsuits all joined together? >> they started as u.s. district court in d.c. combined them in one. >> they're saying they're unfairly targeted for any study i guess for safety or whatever it's wise to do. >> and they're saying-- the f.a.a. say they're under the sequester again and cut
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the 136 million dollars. >> the three have been shut down. what about the balance, we've shut down as well? >> it's a pros cess not starting until the 7th. >> there formula how they shut them down, pull it out of the hat? are these the three we definitely don't need towers at? >> the f.a.a. drew a line in the sand and 54 flights per year and control towers are manned by contractors and not federal employees and looked at state commerce, traffic, air traffic, passenger lists and tried to make the best decisions they could. >> that ings they don't need at the f.a.a. across the board cut, that's it? >> they're doing some is your lows and some might have to not have the midnight shift. >> greta: we used to do
7:16 pm
stories about air traffic contollers falling asleep because they were so over worked and the conditions were bad, worked long hours, has that problem been resolved. how do we balance that nagging problem in addition to cutting towers. >> that problem hasn't come up in this debate. and now the airports ar fighting to keep their towers. >> what about the communities? are they backing them up. >> the communities are backing the airports, he they want to keep the towers because it's a safety issue and everyone wants safe flights. >> greta: the first ones shutting down are bloomington, illinois. spokane washington and can't read my writing. armont. neve commercial and private planes? >> about 149 in total are losing their tower and some are more-- some in illinois have a
7:17 pm
passenger more flight. and there's some there. >> and the f.a.a. must have made determination they needed safety and it wasn't a lark we had them in the first place? >> well, they did have powers and they're contractors and not manned by federal employees. >> the reason they're there the federal government thought they'd need them. >> yes. >> and now the federal government decides they don't need them for some reason and now it's money, but before it was safety. >> the f.a.a. is saying they're still doing the proper procedures and all pilots are trained it land at nonpower airports. >> thank you. straight ahead, the city collapses and there could be lots more coming. and also, an attorney general and his wife are gunned down in their home. texas prosecutor murdered in two months and someone else there saying practice shooters.
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>> today, a california judge ruling the city of stockton can file for bankruptcy and most of its creditors if they're lucky will get pennies on the dollar, but get this, the city's giant pension plan that helped them get in bankruptcy will not be touched and stockton will have to pay 900 million to workers. and evan, good news or bad news for stockton that petition in bankruptcy has been accepted? >> it's probably good news. that's what stockton wanted. >> greta: they've had a lot of problems. what's happened to stockton? >> what happened, they assumed that they would have revenue in the real estate and people were buying, and speculators. it was ground zero for the housing boom and then collapse in california. so when the whole market
7:23 pm
collapsed, stockton suffered more than any other place and made all of these investments, that this was going to go on forever and it found itself in a really, really bad situation. >> greta: i'm always curious when everything looks so great and everyone is flush with cash and i'm curious, are the people who set the pensions back at the time that it will look so great and either making bad government decisions or bad economic predictions? are they themselves now getting these pensionses and receiving sort of the fruits of their bad judgment? >> yeah, well, there's a lot of blame to spread around. yes, definitely some are. the pension system itself in the late '90s, the boom was going on forever encouraged the local governments or basically told them not to worry about making the promises because the returns would be great and plenty of money to pay for them. the returns weren't so great the last ten years and there's no money to pay for them. >> are these pensions so spectacular and different than
7:24 pm
pensions they might have in other communities? >> other communities in california? probably not. but other communities, other parts of the country, definitely. and we, you know, greta, we have some of the most generous pensions in the country here in california. >> if there's no way to sort of renegotiate these pension programs and are these pensions just untouchable? >> that's what's going on right now in court. and the bond holder will lose a lot of money in the bankruptcy and they're the creditors now and won't get paid everything they're owed are saying well, the city should actually stop paying the tension obligationses that will put less money for the pension funds and not pay off obligationses and cut some of the pensions of current workers and the city is saying it can't do that and it's contractually obligated to pay these pensions and that's the big issue that will-- it it has not really been decided today and it will be battled in the courts. >> i'm rusty on this and not
7:25 pm
knowing the laws in california you'd think there'd be something to negotiate and that's where i'm rusty. and those contracts can't be rewritten, those pension contracts? >> well, that's exactly the argument that the creditors are saying. we have contracts, too, and we're in bankruptcy and we're rewriting them. the pension fund attorneys are saying, and the stockton owners are saying, no, those can't be rewritten, it's in the state law that these things need to be paid. but then the issue becomes this federal bankruptcy law trumps state laws and it's an issue that's going to keep a lot of lawyers well-funded for a long time. >> and the next is the domino effect. the attention has been on stockton, brace yourself and get ready and others are going to start failing? >> there are definitely some cities that are financially strapped. and right now because the pension fund, there's not going to be enough to pay the promises made to workers.
7:26 pm
they're going to require rate hikes over 50% over a period of several years for local and state governments and some are so strapped by the pensions they're going to make, increasing by 50% could tip them into bankruptcy. >> greta: and means they can't pay for new police officers or other community services. that's the problem right now, i assume that they can't meet their payroll? >> yes, you're exactly right. i mean, these pension costs have crowded out the other, the other budget issues and other things that they want to spend money on, yes. >> and evan as always, thank you. >> okay, thanks, greta. >> greta: coming up, texas on high alert. another prosecutor murdered and his wife murdered, too. what's going on in texas? the latest on the double murder case. and someone who knew the murder victims very well. that's next. and congressman paul ryan, senator ted cruz pranking
7:27 pm
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>> and coincidence or a connection. two texas prosecutors gunned down in two months. >> prosecutors in texas on high alert after two of their own are gunned down in cold blood. the recent a district attorney and his wife killed in their own home. >> we obviously have some folks that are out to do harm to elected officials. >> mike and cynthia mclelland with found dead over the weekend, two months after one of his colleagues, the assistant d.a. was shot dead in broad daylight outside the county courthouse. >> it's pretty obvious it's unnerving, unnerving because the law enforcement community is unnerving to the community at large. >> we're still in shock. and i've searched all weekend to think of the right words to
7:32 pm
try, and i can't come up with a single word. unbelievable, just wish it didn't happen, but it did. >> greta: and news reporter scott parsons, here with the latest on the murders. what is the latest? are there any suspects? >> as far as we know, greta, there are no suspects yet. we don't believe that investigators know who or why these terrible murders were done. >> when were they murdered? i mean, at least identified or determined the time of day? >> sometime late friday night or early saturday morning. we think during darkness. >> now, and what, obviously, besides the tragic nature of two people murdered and the direct attorney, back up two months and tell me who the other assistant d.a. who was
7:33 pm
murdered and see if there was a connection? >> mark hasse was the federal -- was the chief felony prosecutor in kaufman county. he reported directly to district attorney mike mclelland, one of the people we just talked about who was murdered over the weekend. mark was on his way to work at the kaufman county courthouse when he was gunned down in broad daylight by one or two assailan assailants. witnesses conflict in their description of exactly what they saw, but it was a brazen killing that shocked everyone and now two months later it just feels like a body blow up. in kaufman county and in dallas as well. >> greta: was there ever a suspect in the first murder or even a motive determined in the first murder? >> no, immediately after mark
7:34 pm
hasse was murdered federal, state and local law enforcement officers obviously assumed it had something to do with their professional responsibilities as prosecutors and began gathering up possible cases that might have led someone to get angry enough or frustrated enough at this attorney's office to literally kill people. and those cases include some that were conducted against members of the aryan brotherhood of texas, a prison-based gang and also has members on the outside that do a lot of criminal stuff. and so-- >> i'm sorry. >> so the abt, the aryan brotherhood came under suspicious, but frankly, no one that we're talking to at the dallas morning news is aware of who did these murders. we assume, because it walks like a duck, quacks like a
7:35 pm
duck, it's a duck, that the two incidents are connected and were done by the same people or group of people. >> and with the murder over the weekend of the husband and the wife, the d.a. and his wife. do you know whether it was a breaking and entering whether they were killed in their house, or trying to determine if they knew who had come into the house or let someone in. >> that is a puzzle. we do not know whether the door was kicked in or whether the couple let the assailant in on their own. whether the assailant may have been disguised in a way that made them feel comfortable, perhaps disguised as a police officer. there's a gas storm door in front of the wooden door and that storm door was not broken. there are conflicting reports about whether the front door looked like it had been kick in or not.
7:36 pm
mrs. mclelland was found near the front door, appeared to be shot first, and the theory that we're hearing at the dallas morning news is that mr. mclelland ran back toward a back bedroom to retrieve a firearm he kept back there, but he never made it. >> scott, thank you. and i hope this one gets solved very quickly. it's very tragic. thank you, scott. >> good to be with you. >> and it's the january murder of his one assistant prosecutor, district attorney mclelland vowed to help track down the killer. >> i hope that the people that did this are watching because we're very confident that we're going to find you, we're going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in, and we're going to bring you back and let the people of kaufman county prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. >> greta: but tonight, three
7:37 pm
people are dead, murdered. tonya radcliff is a friend of the slain d.a. and his wife. she joins us. tanya, i never know what to say to friends and families in these instances, they're just so incredibly difficult. you know, everyone is watching this tonight and you know, our heart bleeds for friends and relatives and there's a real danger out there and i'm curious, do you have any reason to believe that they had any enemies, either one of them? >> they were the sweetest couple and well-liked in the county so i didn't know of anybody personally that didn't like them, certainly not enough to kill them. >> greta: when is the last time you spoke to either one of them? >> oh, just a few days, last week, last week. >> greta: and did cynthia act like she had any fear or any uncertainty? did she mention this other d.a., assistant d.a. having been murdered or anything at
7:38 pm
all unusual in your conversation? >> nothing at all. i spoke with mike on wednesday and we were joking around about some training we were attending. there wasn't any impending doom or fear. >> after the first-- after the assistant d.a. was murdered two months ago, did they get a security or increase their own security, buy more firearms or anything? >> i'm not privy to any of that information. >> so, this is just completely out of the blue? this has no explanation for you? >> it's a complete shock. >> so it will tell me about the. >> well, they were a couple that loved to entertain. very giving, and cynthia liked to bake and quilt and she was a psychiatric nurse. she just was somebody who loved people and wanted to help people.
7:39 pm
mike ran for d.a. because he thought he could make a difference in kaufman county. he wanted to give back to the community. they both are members of lots of different great news in the county that are just citizen community groups. they wanted to give back. they had a wonderful, wonderful marriage and they were totally devoted to each other and a very loving couple. >> greta: you know, we're focused on him because of his job, because he's a d.a. and assistant d.a., but you've got to be careful not to rush to you said she's a psychiatric nurse. i'm curious, did she ever mention any problems with any patients or anybody she worked with. >> not at all. >> maybe someone showed up for her. >> there is nothing like that that i have any knowledge of. >> greta: so she wasn't the target, as far as you know? >> i don't know. i mean, i really don't know. all i know i lost two good
7:40 pm
friends. >> greta: and the neighborhood they lived in, it looks like a neighborhood that doesn't have terrific amount of crime ever? it's a nice area. >> it's a beautiful neighborhood, yes. >> greta: i wish i had the right, you know, words to say to you, like i say it's always so profoundly awkward for us to interview family and friends at these times, you know i very much appreciate you joining us tonight to tell us about your two friends. >> thank you for the opportunity and let the world know that they were a good, loving couple. >> greta: and i hope that their killers are found very soon and that there'll at least be some sort of justice. thank you, tanya. >> you're welcome, greta. >> greta: coming up, obamacare, contraception mandate news. a christian company wins a round, that's next. and in two minutes, caught on camera, hopes for great escape are shattered literally. you have to see the incredible video that plays out.
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>> now a great news story from the dumb criminal file. in australia he grabbed a purse from a woman and it was the attempt that got the attention of shoppers. as he tried to run away he crashed into a glass door and the glass shattering everywhere. at first they tried to help the glass covered man and didn't realize he was a thief. and suddenly the man appeared from the parking lot and told him to leave the suspect away. and he tried to drag him away. >> a shopper knew something was up. but in the end. purse snatcher and accomplice are on the run. and tell us what you think about it. we're back in two minutes. it's monday.
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>> big news in the legal fight about the bank of america care mandate. it centers around the obamacare regulation. and hobby lobby a full court hearing to challenge the mandate. and the christian-owned business arguing it should not be forced to pay for emergency contraception for its employees. and from the beckett fund from the religious liberty, he represents hobby lobby. so did i accurately describe the litigation? >> yes, you did. and friday, hobby lobby found out that the nine judges, not just the normal three will hear this case, which shows you just how important the judges think this case is. it's a very rare procedure almost never used in appellate
7:47 pm
courts and hobby lobby was-- >> and didn't you almost fall over? it's unusual for the full court to hear it. >> it's extraordinary, less than 1% of cases do they hear cases like this and this one is even more unusual because the court hasn't heard it to begin with. usually they hear it first and then goes on. and now the court is hearing it the first time, during the obamacare challenges a few years ago, the 26 states tried to get this procedure in the 11th circuit and the 11th circuit turned it down and didn't matter because it went to the supreme court. here, hobby lobby is getting this review at the outset and shows you again that this case is at the forefront of the challenges to this. >> and hobby lobby doesn't want to pay for what? for this morning after pill? >> that's correct, hobby lobby has no objective to most contraceptives. and they're objecting it a narrow kind of drugs, life
7:48 pm
from the moment of conception. and the government admits these drugs can put newly conceived lives at risk, that's not an issue. the only issue here is whether hobby lobby, and family who own hobby lobby can be forced to violate the religious beliefs and cover this small set of drugs or whether the government can force them to gave up their faith. >> greta: how much would it cost them? >> the penalties could be enormous. whatever the penalties are though hobby lobby is not going to back down and emphasize, hobby lobby has no intention of closing, have no intention of backing down. they're going to fight and they believe they have very strong claims and what the 10th circuit did on friday really did validate the claims that the judge realize they're important claims. >> greta: i've never seen, where they haven't heard the
7:49 pm
underlying merits. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: and congressman paul ryan and ted cruz both pulling pranks on president obama. do you think the president thinks they're funny? you'll see april fool's washington style. that's next. gth solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids. from the brand doctors recommend most. cheryl burke is cha-cha-ing in depend silhouette briefs for charity, to prove that with soft fabric and waistband, the best protection looks, fits, and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try for yourself. but i wondered what a customer thought? describe the first me you met. you brought the flex in... as soon as i met fiona and i was describing the problem we were having with our rear brakes, she immediately triaged the situation, knew exactly what was wrong with it, the car was diagnosed properly, it was fixed correctly i have confidence knowing that if i take to ford it's going to be done correctly with the right parts and the right people. get a free brake inspection and brake pads installed for just
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7:52 pm
>> okay, everyone, it's time to hash it out. this will make you do a double
7:53 pm
take. take a look at the tweet from congressman paul ryan. barack obama submits a balanced budget. really? check out the end. april fool's. and he used april fool's to jab about a budget. and he's not the only politician to give president obama grief. senator cruz tweeting out a picture photo shopped, if you like the plan you can keep it with the hashtag repeal obamacare and it's doubtful he enjoyed senator cruz's tweet, but you never know. >> and macy's catalog typo knocks a $1,500 necklace down to $47. the price was $479 and some got the bargain price. maybe i'll start shopping
7:54 pm
through the macy's category more often. and this video is insane and the new york post tweeting watch. woman barely escapes train after dropping the phone on the tracks. we're not going to talk about it. we'll watch it. (scream (screams) >> amazing. the woman was not hurt. and does this picture look a tad bit odd to you? the bunny is not wearing a helmet. the easter bunny is pulled over in california when he was not wearing a helmet. and luckily they issued him a warning not a citation. an orphaned polar bear is at
7:55 pm
an alaska zoo. she looks like fun, but she will he' move later to the buffalo zoo and raised alongside another polar bear can you be named luna and now it's your turn to hash it out. use hashtag greta on tweets and post, don't forget to follow me on twitter: @greta wire. see what jay leno and jimmy fallon are up to now. you will next. did you know that if you wear a partial, you are almost twice as likely to lose the supporting teeth? even subtle movement of your partial can put stress on supporting teeth. this could lead to further tooth loss.
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it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty meets brains. it's big ideas with smaller footprints. and knowing there's always more in the world to see. it's the all-new lincoln mkz. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, it's time for last call. it's what everyone wants to know what. is going on with nbc's late-night line up? now, a big clue. >> taking over, right here. >> jimmy, you're on in two minute autos okay. >> jay, jay, are you going to go to prime?


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